Free Trial JavaScript Dale Skipper Posted on Oct 31, 2014 by Dale Skipper I need to display a current time upon a button click. I have several different buttons for different people to use. Here is my code - The problem is I can't make the code work for each button independently. Example: I need a timestamp next to Amber's name when she clicks a button. Also, if John clicks his button it puts a timestamp next to his name. HELP!


Jason Anello Jason Anello on Oct 31, 2014 Hi Dale, I tried fixing your code formatting so that all of it would show up but some of it looks like it's missing. Try editing your question and reposting your code in between the 3 backticks that I have added in. See this thread for info on how to post code: 2 Answers chrisp chrisp on Oct 31, 2014 Hi Dale, after reading your description, I think I sort of got an idea of it. Not sure if this what you are looking for, but here is my simple approach that I came up with: Timestamp Attempt John: